Most of you are familiar with the facts about Lynn Ruth (her age, her background) but it’s her fiction that really fascinated me. How she’s a sweet old lady and kind of just bumbling around the festival world. She may well indeed be sweet but to tour the ruthless world of international festivals and hit the headlines time after time you need to be made of Granite, and this is Granny Granites secret, she has a beautifully carved heart of stone and she uses that hard surface to sharpen her tongue on, to grind down the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune into a fine flour that she then bakes into seemingly innocent little cakes, and also to weigh her down and stop her tiny form floating off. God likes granite, like Miller it lasts a long time.

By Eric Page



Incorporating her own joie-de-vivre stories of life when your body heads south and your legs won’t take you anywhere much, and tailored lyrics to a collection of songs in which the audience is encouraged to sing along with the chorus, this is by turns laugh out loud funny and touching to the core as we’re reminded without sentiment of the bare fact of mortality.

A cabaret star with a grin and class, all the way from Ohio.