“I think it’s very… amazing, to see a woman… this age, give me some, uh, vibrations.”
~ a man from Sweden


reviews and soundbites from the audience

“I run The Athena network southeast groups which are networking groups for women in business.

I am always trying to find inspirational women speakers for my groups so I was absolutely delighted when I met Lynn.

Lynn has spoken in all of my groups and the ladies have found her amazingly inspirational, each talk has been very different and tailored to the different audience, Lynn left the ladies laughing and feeling very energised, I would fully recommend Lynn to speak at any event she has the ability to engage and cover all and any audience and is a very wonderful lady  and a blessing to be around.”

Michala Rutherford The Athena Network Southeast


“It’s SO much fun to see someone like that do what she does.”
~ a gay man from Dundee

“I think it’s very… amazing, to see a woman… this age, give me some, uh, vibrations.”
~ a man from Sweden


Lynn Ruth Miller at the Free Fringe Festival

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I hope I have that much fun when I’m 81!”
~ Alice from Edinburgh

“You’re AMAZING/we love you
Very entertaining/a good laugh
Thank you!/Thank you!”
~ Gemma/Anne from Scotland



“Just seen the show up in Edinburgh, definitely the best show I’ve seen all festival, and I’ve seen a lot.”
~ Steve from Hartlepool

“Hi just been to see the show it was incredible and I’m recommending it to all my friends”
~ Xanthia from Edinburgh

“I was NOT expecting the nappies”
~ Di from Singapore

“It made me cry, it was such a beautiful show”
~ Carol from Edinburgh

“I really enjoyed the show it was really really really really great”
~ Maxim from France

“Loved the show/it was fantastic!
Fantastic/go see the show
Go see it/yeah”
~ Katrina/Sarah from Edinburgh/Florence

“It was really funny, I’m so glad we stumbled across it”
~ Jane from Oxford

“In a few years time, if I am as lively as that I shall be very happy”
~ an old woman from Canada

“VERY funny, and her bra fitted a treat”
~ the old woman’s husband

“This is the best evening out I’ve had in the whole of the Fringe”
~ Fee from Norwich

“I actually saw the show a few days ago but I HAD to see it again and I brought my husband, my friends and my Mum”
~ Margaret from Peterhead

“I thought it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant”
~ Eleanor from Stoke-on-Trent


Bongo Club Cabaret – Lynn Ruth Miller

“A superbly first class, uplifting piece of absolutely unique entertainment”
~ Christopher from Surrey

“It was a wee bit like an erection darlin’”
~ a Glaswegian man

“Hilarious, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen something as funny as this”
~ Pauline from the Isle of Wight

“The song at the end was so inspirational I very nearly cried”
~ Emma from Australia

“What a sexy woman she is”
~ Alex from Edinburgh

“The ‘where the boys are’ song was my favourite but apart from being funny it was also really sad”
~ Thomas from Poland

“You MUST go see it next year!”
~ a woman


“ This is actually the 4th time I’ve seen her show, cause I kept on having to bring people I know to see it. It gets better every time!”
~ Saskia from Edinburgh

“She is such a tart. I love her”
~ Jemaime from Australia

“Incredibly entertaining, why isn’t she more well-known?”
~ Maria from Belfast

“Very very funny. I loved when she gave me the condom. Also she is a very nice singer”
~ Pasi from Finland

“If she ever gets into the cougar business – or ‘sabre-toothed tiger’ as she says she’d be since she’s past 70 – let her know I’m interested”
~ Charlie(22) from London

Reviews from the Fringe…

From The Scotsman

                                 By Kate Copstick                                         
Published: 20/8/2010

Comedy review: Granny’s Gone Wild

Lynn Ruth Miller packs a lot into her hour. She is a stand-and-deliver American comic in the good old-fashioned mould of Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller.

Possibly the most memorable show I’ve seen so far, the combined age of her entire audience added up to only a little more than that of the performer. But we were all laughing. Tiger Woods, pearl necklaces, Facebook, breasts, G-spots, and why she’d be a lousy lesbian aren’t what you might expect from a 77-year-old. But Lynn Ruth is 77 going on 17.

She has some great material about cruising at funerals, dating for the elderly and why she can eat anything she likes. This woman is sharp, and in among the fun and schtick there are some killer lines. Ms Miller is a poster girl for growing old disgracefully and she looks to be enjoying every second. My fellow audience members in the air-conditioned comfiness of the Kasbah Room at Espionage all looked to be in their teens but they seemed to be loving this rapping, snapping septuagenarian. If you like older women, you’ll love Lynn Ruth.